Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is Hulu Doomed? NBC To Begin Offering Free Downloads

Is Hulu Doomed? NBC To Begin Offering Free Downloads

I know that one day all entertainment content (TV's, movies) will be accessible on demand and delivered over the interweb. I saw it Quest commericials 8 years ago.

But, as I track all the moves of world's finest content creators I get a headache. Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Yahoo, AOL, their own websites, smart people at these content companies are trying to figure out how to best monetize their product. God bless em, its a hard job. Tech geeks bloggers by the dozen rip content creators because they are preventing the world from realizing the Quest commercial.

Just because something is technically possible doesn't mean it deserves to happen.

Directors, writers, movie stars, need to get paid... Alot ... and so do studio exec's. If you don't like it move to Cuba.

Here's why nobody's figured all the content everywhere model. There isn't enough money in it yet. If all the ad dollars chased nerds with the best computers and fastest connections, TV content would be everywhere.

Alot of ad dollars sell toothpaste, Coca Cola, Camry's. Too many people that buy those products see too much buffering on the internet, the experience compared to TV sucks. When the hardware delivers an equal viewing experiences to TV, people will move to it in mass. That's when the ad money will be there, only then will the studio's and networks make real bold commitments.

So take deep breathe nerds, you'll get your Heroes on demand, everywhere soon enough. Walmart America just needs better hardware.