Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gadget Ads!

Gadget Ads!: "M, "

Seriously Google. Go pound salt. You never let advertisers run ads through their own rich media ad servers on your network. The only ads that Google could run are text and standard flash ads.
For years, everywhere else on the internet I could run rich, interactive ads, that pull from databases, with video, etc.

Now, FINALLY, you allow advertisers to run the same ads on the Google Network that I could run everywhere else 3 years ago. You call it a Gadget, pop champagne bottles and we're all supposed to be impressed.

I know your secret Google. You changed the game with search and your chasing the game everywhere else. Maybe you've got enough cash and talent to innovate again, but this ain't it, not by a long shot.

The internet scrooge.