Friday, September 7, 2007

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Newspapers with 2020 vision

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Newspapers with 2020 vision

I read this article and my first thought is "Jeff, your a crackpot. No newspapers in 13 thirteen years. My dad's sat down to dinner with an open Newsday for the last 30 years at least, he's gonna switch to some gizmo with touch screen?" What a whacko you are!

Then I thought, well my dad's gonna be 71 at the point. I not sure exactly how many advertisers are buying that demo. Maybe he's not driving the market at that point. Sorry Pop, love ya, you'll always be important to THIS advertiser. I just don't give a shit about what you buy anymore. And neither will anyone else.

SO... then I thought

I've focused my entire career on digital media and I still prefer a newspaper to an iPhone screen and If you can't sell me on a new technology, you won't be selling Walmart America on it.

Then I thought about the digital media that existed 13 years ago (1994).

In 1994 Yahoo received 1MM hits (according to wikipedia) Today that number would be 408 BILLION. (Comscore page views) And, as you can see its a different experience entirely.

Point is, 13 years is a long time and we will be remembering the iPhone as a silly, quaint, simple memory of an easier time, and we just might get all of our news digitally uploaded to a product that is a comfortable as a newspaper. Digipaper maybe?