Sunday, December 21, 2008

A New York Knicks Post

Been a while since I posted. I'm tired and I've got no rants, approvals, or opinions on marketing at the moment. Forgive me, gonna stray off strategy.

I'm enjoying a final glass of wine after a wonderful Chanukah party with family. We played, we watched sports, I had a hundred eager helpers to take care of Harry. I'm not ready to discuss the Jets loss, but although the Knicks lost, this Chanukah, I'm thankful for Nate Robertson. (is that this holiday?)

He is 5' 9''. This isn't a dunk contest, or an alley oop, or a fast break. this is a put back off an offense rebound. Are you KIDDING ME!!!? Points off the offense boards alone are pure hustle and scrap plays. You got to work, no one's setting you up, and your not relying on trickery or snazziness. Its just force, will, and attitude. Its, "I'm not leaving this side of the court without a basket, and its not going to be cute. Maybe we will miss, but I will outfight you for the ball, and put the mother in the hole. Mother-EXPLETIVE" This is that on crack by a guy almost a FOOT shorter than the average NBA player. Enjoy.

Please Donnie Walsh, don't trade Nate.

Football sucks.