Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playing Against Type

If a place doesn't have an Applebee's and a golf course I don't want to vacation there. Many a night on business travel, while colleagues explore the city, I order Domino's and watch Sportscenter. I bought a house down the block from my suburban high school. Being "cultured", is NOT an accusation that's flying my way all that often.

That said, I watch the TED talks podcast almost every weekend. Today I watched one from Robert Forbes. This guy travels the world and takes pictures of regular shit and talks about why its interesting from a design standpoint. I was fascinated. Still, I'd rather play 18 in morning, and have a hamburger and Bloody Mary by the pool than go to a city I don't know anything about. Why do I need to go anywhere with cool talks like this coming right to my computer?

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