Saturday, January 24, 2009

Car for Sale

Some might think, its in bad taste to use your blog and the attention you've earned from people by consistently delivering marketing insights and digital infused thinking. Those people would be missing out on a great deal on 1995 Honda Accord with less than 90k mi, running great, with new belts and AC system for under $3,000.

This car has at least 160k miles left in it. That's less than $.02 per mil. Its practically free. I'm practically paying you. Really.

All you city dwellers, you want to shop in a real supermarket BOOM! How about trips up to check out the wineries in Long Island, no railroad, Honda will get you there, WITH MUSIC. I've got a softball game on Randall's Island, how do you get there. I'll tell you, you take the Honda, and bring friends, its going to be awesome.

Life without a car is terrible, all you Manhattan folks say you don't need one, who are you kidding? Do yourself a favor email and set up an appointment to test drive this beauty.
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