Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bringing Marketing Thunder, Changing the Marketing World

I know I'm going to get torched for being a Gary Vanderchuck Fanboy, but who cares. The way this guy carries his business, is really inspiring.

  1. In my Twitter I feed got a free shipping offer which means alot because shipping is normally very pricey for wine. Spent money. Wife will be pissed when she finds out, but I have some great new wine on the way.
  2. So I checked his personal blog today and learned one of his sites got hacked. The story broke on TechCrunch, a widely read technology blog.
In the comments section he responded with this:

Inspired lots more comments like this:

This impresses me because here's not a guy talking about how brands should use social media, as Nike says he Just Does It. It doesn't cost a ton of money, and it works. But reality is I can't articulate the value and thinking of what he did better he already did.

My last take away from this is that the most useful social marketing doesn't require a lot of money. It requires speed and authority. Something a lot of large companies lack. Charging your marketing department to do amazing social marketing isn't good enough. Hiring a social marketing guy or a social marketing agency isn't good enough. You need to give whoever is responsible for social marketing a TON of authority over PR, product offers, customer service, and marketing. Is that risky? Shit yeah. But if a large company could operate like Gary just did the upside could be worth it.
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