Thursday, April 17, 2008

So You Want To Twitter

Step 1: Got to and sign up for an account. If you’re not following at least 25 people the experience is kind of lost (some reco’s below). If you tried it before and didn't follow 25 people it doesn't count. Try it again.

Step 2: Download and Install Twhirl

Step 3: Using Twhirl search for people that talk about what you’re interested in, follow the ones with interesting things to say. If you like cooking, search the word "cooking"

Step 4: Once you observe Twitter users you think are providing you value, and you want to get in the coversation, base your post frequency, style, and topics on them.

Here are some people worth following if your a marketer, you can quickly add them by clicking on the Following link from my Twitter page

JasonCalacanis / Jason Calacanis - Cocky, opiniated entrepreneur. Owns

Scobleizer / Robert Scoble - Classic Geek, Loves Technology and Business

jowyang / Jeremiah - Social Media Expert from Forrester

loiclemeur / Loic Le Meur - Owns Seismic, great video's

Armano / David Armano - Designer

darrylohrt / darryl ohrt - Planner

bmorrissey / Brian Morrissey - Ad Age Writer

skydiver / Peter Shankman - Social Media/ PR guy/ high energy creative plane jumping nut

guykawasaki / Guy Kawasaki - Old School Apple Marketer gone VC

THespos1 - Tom Hespos - Agency Owner

mediadarwin - Jim Meskauskas - Gifted Media Expert, Dayjobbing as a Pirate

chucknorris_ - Chuck Norris - Beat a brick wall in a game of tennis

rgleeson / renny - World Wide Digitist

TechCrunch / Michael Arrington - Will tell you who's getting money, who's great, who sucks

ischafer / Ian Schafer - Digital Agency Owner, Creative, Daring, Interesting

sarahcuda / Sarah Lacy - Much harrassed but bright business writer

jasonclement - Search guru

daveknox - P&G brand manager

adrants / Adrants - They know when you are lame


Ian Schafer said...

Listen to Greg March. He knows of what he speaks.

Greg March said...

IS, Thank you for being my first commenter. I now have confirmation that I have at least 6 people that have read my blog. Rupert Murdoch is shaking in his boots from my emerging media empire.

Adam Brown said...

I can say from a guy that lived with you for 2 years in Ann Arbor that you:
Definitely like to speak
Youcertainly have your opinions and
you aint shy bout sharin em...

I look forward to future good reads.