Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blog Legendary

maybe its my fault
maybe I made you think I have a lot of free time to blog
maybe I made it look like these ideas just fell out of the sky
maybe I don't like the NBA and NHL playoffs and leaves me tons of time
maybe you think I put all my ideas in my blog and don't save any for my clients
maybe I made you think I don't need to recharge my batteries on the weekends
maybe you thought its easy for me to keep up quips on Twitter and still have blog posts in me
maybe I never draw blanks on new ideas to write about
maybe my blog posts are cheap cop outs to try and hype up other WKNY work that other people did

OR MAYBE, your just making excuses


Oh, and in case you didn't know. Your blogging owes my blogging $20

Thank you for coming.


henry said...

you got me to look. my rickroll owes your rickroll $20.

BG said...

"My quick is already watching the next commercial" .... SO ... what is Nike trying to say? That people who want to be Quicky Von Quick-Quick don't watch commercials - or that they're DVR users ... which is kinda strange, cuz NIKE buys a crap-load of TV spots....

Greg March said...

Nike's trying to say if you want your brand to be part of pop culture, throwing in some TV might be able to help. I don't read a lot of blog comments quoting search engine text links.

El Gaffney said...

"my speed is already watching the next commercial" is a clever line that says i'm always one or two steps (30 seconds perhaps) ahead of you. i see things before they happen. not literally though so don't think it's a commentary at all on ff'ing ads. just like LT saying his "quick smells like french toast." by the way, i'm intercontinental when i eat french toast...and i listen to bands that don't even exist yet.