Friday, August 1, 2008

That's No Moon

It's an intergalactic battle station of social media.

Let Our Congress Tweet

I am rarely political usually because I disagree with most people I know on most political things. I've learned over time, no cares what I think. But here's an issue I can get behind... who the hell is against our elected representatives using social media to communicate with their constituents?

What did your congressman do today? This month? This year? I have no idea, but if Facebook can keep me up with what my high school lab partner ate for lunch, I can certainly read a daily 2 sentence update on how my Congressman is spending my tax money.

So how do you fight against this ridiculous banning of communication? Use social media tools. I love how they applied the same approach I learned from my old basketball coach, Eric Stein. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Shithead.

You can read the entire website in under 2 minutes then use social media to easily follow this issue and make your voice heard. You can keep up with the leaders of this fight on Twitter, read how people are talking about it, check out all the web links through, and declare your advocacy through post a button on your blog (or MySpace Page, or whatever you have) or by simply a copying link into your Twitterfeed that says " Congress, change the rules. Talk to us on our social networks. Let our Congress Tweet! #LOCT08" The movement has left the website its out in the world.

So basically to close the loop on the metaphor, this fascist rule about limiting communication with our elected leaders is Aldoran (Princess Lea's home planet) and social media is the Death Star about to blow it into tiny pixels.

Now get in the conversation.


GtotheV said...

I'd actually have to say that I agree with you on this topic. It's a brilliant idea.