Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Embrace Failure

I see @Armano tweets about a Clay Shirkey interview and I watch it.

Interview Clay Shirky from MarketingFacts on Vimeo.

He covered a lot of ground here but one of the more interesting points for me was that when bringing to life social ideas we can stand a little less planning and embrace a little more failure. Instead of investing tons of time and money on 1 idea, take a little bit of money and time and get 10 ideas in the marketplace. This might be a way to get more people participating with your idea (or if your a marketer, your brand). Then watch what happens kill the failures (learn from them), and optimize the success.

If you can agree that participation has value in its own right, that it in fact creates more passion around your brand, and that passion (even amongst a few people) makes your other ad tactics work harder, why not try a little more fail and little less plan.

Wanamaker says 1/2 your advertising doesn't work anyway. Grab a little money from there.