Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Title and URL

New title, name and URL for the blog. The name AdSportTech was pretty dumb, difficult to say, and false. So this blog is now called 'The Gist of March'.

Gist is defined as

–noun 1. the main or essential part of a matter: What was the gist of his speech?

What I really try to do in this blog is take the information I get from work, reading, chats with other folks and get down to the essential part of the matter for marketers.

I'm not sure if anyone was tracking this with an RSS feed but you might have to update it.

If you are reader I hope this new URL doesn't cause you to drop off. I want to sell sponsorships on this thing one day, I could use a thousand dollars a month like Mr. Schafer.


BG said...

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