Sunday, October 14, 2007

BusinessWeek Debate Room E-mail Faces Deletion

BusinessWeek Debate Room E-mail Faces Deletion

As a professional digital marketing guy I always feel I am not reading enough, sharing enough, blogging enough. (as can be seen by this pathetic stretch between posts). But I do think the reason is that I am crushed by emails. Merely deleting them and filing them takes hours a day.

Can there be tools better than email to conduct business? Most definitely. Scoble is on to something here.

I manage a group of three people (hardly a daunting number) and they copy me on tons of emails to make sure I am "in the loop", can cover them if they decide to get sick or go vacation, and can advise if I see a major issue. Its very important I can do all those things. I don't need to engage with these emails on a daily basis but they clutter my inbox and take up valuable time. I can't imagine how the person that manages 30 people gets by.

There must be a better way. I don't know, as Scoble suggests, the answer is twitter and facebook though.